Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jake's 11th BDAY!

Be forewarned....VERY photo heavy :)

So about a week and half before Jake's birthday Ric and I were totally stumped about what to do for Jake's 11th birthday and we were racing around like crazy trying to figure out what to do....Jake really wanted to just go away to Captiva for the weekend and was driving us crazy to book something. I went online and looked into the same place that we had previously gone too which was a wonderful place and a great price....BUT since Jake's bday comes around spring break everything that we looked into was a FORTUNE!!!! So needless to say...Captiva was out. So me feeling like the guilty mom started looking into other things and we decided to do this....

Yep..... Jake and I went on a cruise! I lucked out and found a great deal on Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas.... Unfortunately hubby is NOT a big fan of cruises...So it was just me and the boy! I thought Jake was going to jump out of his skin when we sat him down and told him... He was sooooo freaking excited! I couldn't get him to bed until almost 11:00 that night he was wired for sound!

So....we went on our journey and I have to say it was EXACTLY what we needed. Just the two of us and no responsibilities except for being to dinner on time :) It was truly a great bonding trip for both of us! I loved every minute of it!

On our way onto the ship....
The ships Promenade...It was BEAUTIFUL!

Three story dining room....

Enjoying our first drinks (wink.wink) when we boarded....

An evening stroll....

Johnny Rockets 50's Diner

Breakfast with my little man... and feeling extremely RELAXED!!

Formal Night...Lots of Fun!
We have a new roommate..... Meet Swanie :)
And another new friend who Jake referred to as George :)
Chilling out at the hot tub

Enjoying the scenery.... I haven't been this relaxed in I don't even remember how long....


Lots of fun on the paddle boats....

Water Trampoline!

Banana Boat!

A little bit of ice skating on the ship! Who'd of thought.... :)
Happy Birthday Jake!!
Birthday started off with a wonderful breakfast and Jake started it with a yummy doughnut :)

Birthday round of golf...Jake won :)
and a birthday milkshake...super yummy!

Happy Birthday to my little man! I love you and had the most wonderful trip!

New friends...

A beautiful ending to a beautiful vacation!
We had the best vacation together and I will cherish all the great memories that we made! Can't wait to do it again :)

Have a great week!

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