Monday, June 16, 2008

Uhhhmmm....I really have NO words for this new concept.... Ric, Jake and myself are in the car on Father's Day going to lunch....we are listening to some sports talk radio show and a commercial comes on....Like I said...there are NO words for this!

The UroClub™ is intended to eliminate anxiety and any feeling of uneasiness on the course. It can be emptied at the nearest restroom or later on, when the golfer returns home.
Capacity: Over half a liter, twice the volume commonly urinated.
Length: Like a standard 7 Iron
Maybe it should slowly drain the pee onto the course.

I can honestly tell you that I still had tears in my eyes after we finished eating lunch....All I could think of was all these men standing on golf courses all over peeing into their golf clubs......GOTTA WONDER!
Maybe we should come up with a handbag or something convenient for woman so that we dont have to stop what we are doing to go pee...I'm just saying!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So I was tagged.....

Quite some time ago by Laverne and like I've said before...
TOTAL SLACKER over here! So here goes....
1. Four jobs I have held:
Publix Cashier
Director for Peaches Music & Video
Papa Johns (yes...i worked at Papa Johns for awhile)
Office Manager
2. Four movies I could watch over & over:
You've Got Mail
Harry Potter
Star Wars
Indiana Jones
3. Four places I have lived:
And yes...Florida
4. Four TV shows I like:
Women's Murder Club
Men in Trees
Food Network
5. Four people who email me regularly:
6. Four favorite foods:
Mexican - ALL
Potatoes - ALL
Vegetables - ALL
7. Four places i'd rather be:
Book Store
Scrapbook Store
So there you go thats my tagged stuff....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I am the total SLACKER!!!!!

I know I know it's been awhile...sorry - I have been dealing with some STUFF....And now I am ready to put that STUFF behind here goes....

I had the total rockin' weekend this past weekend.....Got to spend it with the oh so charming Tim Holtz and his assistant Mario.....Super uber cool dudes! We had a blast. Scrapbook Central won the Ranger Design Road trip and we got Tim ALL weekend. Friday night we took a limo to Chima in Ft. Lauderdale on Las Olas - awesome food - it's a brazilian steakhouse - and totally awesome atmosphere! Tim and Mario LOVED it...we all did. It was Tim, Mario, Michelle, Tawni, Tammy L., Andrea, Chris, Doyle and myself....we had a very awesome fun filled night.

Then on Saturday the classes began..bright and early the 1st one (which I took) started at 9:00 a.m. It was a total Grungeboard class...super cool. I have tons of grundgeboard...and now I know what to do with it! Then they had two more classes that day which rocked...I got the opportunity to help Tim out with his classes and be a personal shopper for the classes....still loads of fun! We ended up getting out of there after midnight only to be back a the store on Sunday morning at 8:00a.m. for another round.....totally worth it...1st class Words and Windows - absolutely LOVED it! Bought everything! You got to work with clear acrylic books and transparencies the new ones from Primas..they simply ROCK! The next class was just as good. I then took the last class of the weekend - Paradise Found - an awesome canvas that we altered - rocked!

So...with that said.....By far one of the best weekends in a LONG time! I truly just enjoyed every minute of it - no matter how exhauted I was.

And if you ever have the opportunity to meet Tim and take one of classes - DONT pass it up - it is beyond worth it. He is just a super nice, humble guy who really likes to create things and share them with others - you will walk away from his classes totally thrilled like I was!

So I promise not to slack on my blog as much in the future....Have a great day!

I will be posting pics from this weekend a little later!

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