Saturday, February 28, 2009

Teresa Colins Mini Album...

My day kinda started off crappy today....I am struggling with Jake taking the FCAT next week - but thanks to my good friend Liz who walked me through what my different options are if he doesn't pass...I am starting to feel better about it. Jake is a pretty bright kid he just sometimes is impulsive and doesn't concentrate...which leads to him just choosing any old answer that vaguely looks right (that damn ADD)...So we are putting alot of different things in place for Jake to help get through the FCAT testing.... I am just keeping my finger and toes crossed that he does well..
Then I went to the gym tonight and almost killed myself in this Boot Camp class!!! Nothing like taking your stressful frustrations out at the gym.... so now I am feeling a bit more relaxed :) Tomorrow is another day....
On to the good stuff.....
I have to say that this was a project that I really LOVED doing! And it's now going to be a class! I sometimes find that I start a project and I either don't finish it or I drag it out because I just get bored (ADD kicks in...yes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree)....This was the opposite...I finished it in about 3 hours one night! Teresa's new paper and the chipboard tag album were great to work with. I don't get the opportunity often enough to dabble with pink...but I love pink/black/white together. It didn't start off as a class either - I dropped it at the store and low and behold we are now doing a class on it! Yippee!

If you get the opportunity to try out her stuff do so...I am sure you will love it as much as I did! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!
PS.....Don't forget to keep your eyes open for the upcoming giveaway that I will be having....your gonna LOVE it!

And if you haven't already check out this great new site
They are having TONS of giveaways this week...not to mention it's going to be a pretty ROCKIN' site!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I {heart} My Minds Eye!!!!

Just a short post before I crash for the night...I am whipped today....Here is a layout and two cards (not much of a card girl...)that I did using MME....Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend...I know I am totally looking forward to it! :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 23, 2009

South Beach Food & Wine Festival...And a birthday!

I'm just gonna warn ya now.....Lots and Lots of Pictures.... :)

Sunday was such an amazingly fun day.....First it was my hubby's bday (Happy Bday Ric) and he was so awesome for letting me spend the day at the Food and Wine Festival in South Beach with some of my girlfriends! My good friend Mimi had given me for XMAS a ticket to the Grand Tasting at the Food & Wine Festival...only to realize that it fell directly on Ric's BDAY! But he was a super good sport and told me to go ....which was great of him since he ABSOLUTELY loves the Food Network and all the chefs on it! So I brought him back 4 autographed cookbooks by his favorite chefs...He was beyond thrilled!
We truly had the best time. The food was fabulous the wine, tequila, rum and anything liquid was beyond fabulous and the real kicker...we got to meet...Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri (I {heart} Guy), Paula Dean, Sandra Lee, Tyler Florence and the Morimoto guy! They were a blast and a half! We literally ate all day...and let me tell you...the food was oh my gosh amazing...Lots and lots of fun! If you have never gone and you get the opportunity to go...definitly check it out! The weather was absolutely perfect 80 degrees and beautiful blue skies (I have a sunburn to prove it...LOL)
Here are a few pics from our day...unfortunately all the GOOD shots I thought to take were after I got home and sobered up ;)


Me just waiting to get in the Grand Tasting ;)
Mimi enjoying her first glass of wine....

This is Theresa..she is a trip and a half! She went to the Sandra Lee show and ended up bidding on an auction....She got her hubby on the phone (because he absolutely loves Sandra Lee) and Sandra Lee chatted him up...Theresa ended up getting a mack daddy signed Kitchenaid mixer and this cute as all heck apron - which she had everyone sign! Then she got interviewed my Food Network and will be on air sometime soon!!! She had us all rolling on the floor laughing our butts off when they interviewed her.....She was a riot!
Guy Fieri and Sandra Lee..TOO stinkin' cute!
I {heart} Guy!

OK....Grand tasting has begun and I am totally enjoying my Black Cherry Mojito...YUM!

Mimi, Janet, Julie and Patty enjoying all the good food....

And yes...The festival was ON the beach as in we had to walk in the sand so my brand spankin' new shoes that I just bought got totally trashed... :(
Me and Mimi after several tastings....Such fun! :)

Janet & MimiBobby Flay & Janet
Me, Bobby and Mimi....
Bobby Flay dancing on stage...Super fun guy!!!

Paula Dean & Bobby Flay

Paula Dean...who by the way is a flippin' comedian..she was HYSTERICAL!!!!

All the girls at the end of the day... Slightly intoxicated, stuffed from all the food, sunburned and tired...Ahhhh good times ;)

Theresa, Janet, Mimi, Me, Julie and Patty....

Hope you all have a wonderful week....

And check back soon I will be having a KILLER giveaway coming in the next week or keep your eyes open!! I'll give you a's one of my latest Obsessions ;)

Friday, February 20, 2009

And the GIVEAWAY goes to.....(and my obsession)

Congrats Ashley M.!!!! Email me your address and I will ship your stuff out to you...Or if your gonna be by the Scrapbook store anytime soon I can give it to you then... :)

Now on to my OBSESSION.....

I ABSOLUTELY love this company (I may have mentioned that before..LOL)! Unity Stamps just simply ROCKS! If you have not tried there NEED to! I was never a big stamper (meaning...I NEVER stamped) and then one day the clouds disapeared and I found UNITY! First and foremost is the clarity of the images...they are the bomb diggity...Secondly is the people that run it and own it...LOVE THEM...not to mention that they are SUPER UBER fun! Thirdly...the designs you will simply fall in love with them...

Check them won't be disappointed...

PS...I don't work for them or design for them...I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them (as you can see by the boatloads of their stamps that I own)...and wanted to share a good thing with everyone! ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

GIVEAWAY Reminder....And a couple of layouts...

Don't forget we will be picking out our winner for the Giveaway tomorrow!!!! Make sure you leave a comment on the LAST post (Renaissance Festival and GIVEAWAY) in order to be entered to win!

**Jake is sooo excited to pick the BIG winner :)
Getting So Big....
I used the NEW My Minds Eye Penny Lane Collection, CI buttons, Dew Drops, BG Chip Stickers/Mini Chips and I used Glimmer Mist in Sea Glass on the letters.

Have a GREAT Day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Renaissance Festival and a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS valentine's day....I for one spent the day with my family at the Renaissance Festival at Quiet Waters Park. It was interesting needless to say.... I loved all the dressing up renaissance style... that I thought was awesome...but what was even more interesting was the people who attended the festival as patrons who dressed up! Oh..and did I mention it was HOT out yesterday! The festival had alot of booths that you could shop in

I though this dress was so pretty....

and then some old world style games that you could play including an Archery Range which happened to be the only one we didn't do...the bow was bigger than the kiddo!!! The food was good...lots of fun stuff... Lamb Gyros, Funnel Cake, Apple-Cider Doughnuts...YUM!!!! My favorite thing was a show called Barely Balanced....This was totally cool! It was three acrobats with some comedy thrown in... Very cool stuff... Here are some pics...All I can say is...I WANT HER AB'S!!!!! (Yes...I am screaming in the hopes that the AB fairy will hear me and send me some ;)....)

And guy is holding her up with his legs and yes the other guy is actually standing on her shins!!!!! And she is holding her whole body up!!!!!! WOW!!!! OH...And they are throwing knives around!!! Uh-Huh...I can do that :)

These people dressed up just for the heck of it.....

Some old world games....

Looks a little like Skee Ball to me.. :)

My little Jester....

And last but not least the Joust...This was pretty cool....

All in all it was a pretty fun day....

Now for suffering through what I think was my longest post EVER....I have a giveaway....I purged and someone is going to be the luckier for it!!! Tons of awesome paper (Fancy Pants, Dream Street, Scenic Route, Tinkering Ink, Anna Griffin and a ton more!) and a few extra goodies... So all you have to do is leave me a post of what you did for Valentine's Day and Jake is gonna pick a lucky winner on Friday!

Have a great week!! XOXO

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