Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Joy

These are the things that are making
me incredibly happy and thankful these days :)

Jake performed in his very first band concert this past week.
It was the Winter Concert and my heart
just busted with joy watching him play!
He was amazing :) So proud of him!

And this...
Jake made the "A" Honor Roll and
we just got his certificate yesterday!
SO SO SO very proud of him!

And this is just making me happy!
I have been stalking Becky Higgins website for
quite some time now debating on whether
or not to get Project Life...
I was nervous about getting because
I have NEVER been a simple scrapper
and I really thought this kit was more basic
and for beginners...
Uhhhh...can I say...LOVE.LOVE.LOVE!

It is EXACTLY what I have been needing to
get a kick in the butt to get my pictures into
an album! It's simple, it's fun and most
of all it's taking away the guilt I have been
hanging onto with all my pics either being
stuck on the computer or stuffed in a box!

Already started using it and not done yet...
still going to add other stuff to it...
but off to a great start!
Thank you Becky!!

Thanks for stopping by and I wish
all of you a blessed and Happy Holiday
whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah
or another holiday I hope you have a
wonderful time with your families :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Feeling Inspired...

This is the first year in a very long time that I
am REALLY feeling the whole Christmas vibe.
Every year I feel that I am struggling to keep my
head above water to get everything done.
This year I made a HUGE effort to get ahead
and I have to tell you that I am loving it!

I did my decorations early this year and
I just have a few small things left to buy.
Not to mention that I have been cranking the
holiday music this year in my car...
Yep I am the crazy blonde singing her little
heart out to xmas tunes while driving! LOL

Anyways.... I found this blog
by Linda Cain
I fell in love with her work especially
her holiday tags.
And I had to re-create the one that she did.

This is my version...
This tag just SCREAMED to me
Merry Christmas!
And I learned a couple of really cool techniques.
So check out her blog I am sure you will love it!

And a few pics from around the house...

Thanks for stopping by!!
Have a great weekend!

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