Sunday, January 8, 2012

The little things

The past few days have been about the
little things...
Which have gone really well with my
"one little word 2012"

Enjoyed a great relaxing weekend with the family.
Took down the rest of the xmas directions.
Got the house back into order (somewhat).
Caught up on TiVo (OMG...I had a ton of stuff to watch!)
And the dreaded laundry...blah

And something I am ecstatic about...

I was on the waiting list for Karen Russell's photography class
and this past week received an email from her that
a few openings had come available!!!!!
I about jumped out of my skin when I read it.
I couldn't type my information in to register quick enough!

I have been wanting to take her class for sometime now
and the opportunity finally came around!
The class starts tomorrow and I feel like I am
back in elementary school...
Have been getting all my "supplies" together
reviewing all the information on her site..
Yep. Quite excited!

Which will help me take MUCH better photos for
Project Life.
I am almost finished with 2011 and
started Week 1 of 2012.
On another note....
I have been stalking this site
and for xmas I ordered this....

It's exactly what I had been wanting/hoping for.
It's beautiful even my husband loved it.
On the front I have my son's name and
on the back it says 'my love'.

Check out her site I am sure you will fall in love just as I did :)

Thanks for stopping by
and I hope you all have a wonderful week :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Simplify & Project Life

Happy New Year!
This is the year that I simplify things.

Simplify = My word for this year.
I've never participated in the "One Little Word 2012"
but for some reason this year it seemed a good time to try.
I chose simplify to remind myself everyday that I can
still do the things that are important and I know that life
is hectic but I can still simplify things and enjoy life.

Another thing that I started this year was Project Life
this has been such a blessing for me.
I dove in head first and haven't looked back.
I did all of 2011 in 5 weeks! Yep...5 weeks!
It has been LIBERATING!!!
I have an entire year of pictures in an album!
The guilt has been lifted.
I'm not feeling the stress to make all these
elaborate pages which half the time I am only
using one or two pictures per layout.
I still have a few things to complete throughout the album.
This weekend I plan on finishing all the journaling.

So I thought I would show you how it turned out.
I love the simplicity of it and I have turned a few friends onto it also.
It seriously has been a joy to work with!
Some of it is basic and some of it I added a little extra.
I hope you enjoy it :)

So it still needs a little work but I am pretty happy with it.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it.
Hope you all have a wonderful happy, healthy New Year!

Thanks for stopping by!

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