Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer has come to an end...

Summer has come to an end over here.
No more long days at the beach or hanging outside in the pool...
Now we are neck deep in homework, studying and back to school stuff...
Jake has started Middle School and so far he's surviving! :)
Not quite sure if I am... But he seems to be doing ok.

Over the summer I created an album for the cruise that Jake
and I went on for his birthday back in April. I wanted it simple because
of the amount of pictures that I wanted to add. I like the way it turned
out and I was able to fit a ton of pics in it.

Sadly though the pics I took of it weren't the greatest so I apologize in advance.
I had to use my Iphone and I just couldn't get great pics. I would
have loved to use my regular camera but last week some
charming individuals decided to rob our home and take
just about everything :(

We are still dealing with the whole thing it's been a complete and utter mess.
I think we are all still a little traumatized.
It's hard to be in the house and it's REALLY hard to be home alone.
I'm still not quite sure how I feel about the thing...
One day I am depressed the next day I just feel violated
and the next day I am a very pissed off little blonde chic ;)
I'm sure in a few weeks things will get better.
But the MOST important thing is
no one was home and no one was hurt!

So enough about all that fun stuff...Here is the album:
I also created a card and gift bag for a friend...

Thanks for stopping by. Hope everyone has a
wonderful LONG relaxing weekend :)

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