Sunday, July 1, 2007

total exhaustion

had the opportunity to help out my favorite scrapbook shoppe and worked the CKC ft. lauderdale expo show this weekend. but wow! what alot of work. had tons of fun with michelle - she is such a blast. i dont think i have been this exhausted since.....geesshhhh i think when i gave birth....LOL

between setting the booth up and just bustin' butt during the show and then dismantling everything and boxing everything back up and putting it on the truck and then finally taking it off the truck at the store.......wowie just tired. hopefully i can get some pics that susan took to post. it was just truly wild. not to mention that i dont want to touch a scraparatus or cropadile for quite sometime.

i didnt get out of my pj's today until 4:00 and that was only because i absolutley needed to go get a pedicure. we are going to new york and i cannot wait. looking forward to the vacation.'s finally bedtime. goodnight all until next week when we get back from vacation.

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