Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday Pick....Too Cute!

I am totally lovin' Sassafrass Lass' Buttons and Blossoms! They are super uber cute and can be used on anything! I absolutlety LOVE the colors...How cute are these things.....

These are that great item that you can just grab at tthe last second and it will change your whole layout or card. I ahave been using them ALOT lately. They are a nice finish to any project that you are working on.

That's my Wednesday pick.... check them out at

If you have a few spare minutes check out this blog:

Stephanie is an amazing scrapper and her hubby is in afghanistan....they show videos of him over there protecting all of us...Check it out - its very touching and amazing to see what they are really doing over there. It makes some of my problems seem so minor - definitly a reality check....

Have a Great Day!

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