Monday, March 5, 2012

IKEA + Skinny Taste

Friday afternoon after a VERY long week I
went into my office (at home) to get some school
supplies that Jake needed and I opened my
closet door and wasn't paying much attention and
reached in and grabbed the stuff I needed off of the
and you guessed it...
the whole thing came crashing down! NOT.FUN.
I finally broke down and pulled EVERYTHING out of the closet!

Nice mess huh?
Years and years worth of stuff that I had completely forgotten
was even in there. I sifted through it all and purged like crazy.

Then came the fun part...a trip to IKEA!!!!!
The first time I ever went to IKEA I hated it!
I thought it was the worst place ever.
Then I ventured back...and I loved it! I love it for stuff like the Expedit
shelving units. I seriously think these are the best things ever!
So I got one for my office closet..and can we say HAPPY?????

I feel like an organizing queen now with this thing!
Let's just hope it stays that way :)

And for those of you who are watching your waist lines
like me I found this really great website with great recipes
that I am really enjoying. AND she tells you what the
Weight Watchers points are for each dish!
The recipes are GREAT! I have made about four of them
already and all four were terrific! None of that boring
bland tasteless diet food. So if you are trying to find
something new to cook for you and your family that you
will truly enjoy check out Gina's site Skinny Taste and give it a whirl.
I don't think you will be disappointed :)

Have a great week! :)

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Melissa said...

Great shelves and I LOVE skinnytaste!

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