Friday, March 2, 2012

Snapshots of a Good Life

I can't believe it's March already!
This year is going by so quickly!

I previously posted about a photography workshop
that I started taking in January.
Snapshots of a Good Life
I took the class based on the recommendation from a friend.
As much as I love photography I've never been
a great photographer. For one I didn't understand my camera
in the least. I would snap off 300-400 pictures at an event
and hope and pray that I would get a least 5 decent shots.
It was ALWAYS a gamble! And then I would upload all my pics and
scroll through them and be so bummed out when I didn't
have very many good pictures. But what did I expect
from shooting everything in Auto??? The thought of shooting
pics in Manual was about as exciting to me as playing
in a pit of snakes... NOT.SO.MUCH!

So I bit the bullet and signed up for the workshop.
Jump ahead to today... I like my camera now... Actually
I LOVE my camera now! I love that I know what all the dials and buttons are for.
I love that when I go to take a shot I'm really checking everything out
in order to get the perfect shot. It's not about just grabbing my camera (on auto) and
shooting away hoping and praying for the best.

This workshop has been really GREAT for me! I was a little nervous
at first because I really didn't know how I would learn this stuff in an
online workshop. But Karen has made it so easy and so understandable!
She answers EVERY.SINGLE.QUESTION you may have even if you
feel like it's the dumbest question on the planet.
The workshop for me as a full-time working mom has been great!
I can do it on my OWN time and this works great for me.

I know I am rambling now but if you have ever
just peeked at her site and have a slight interest in being
a better photographer and actually learning about your camera
than this is the workshop for you. Karen has truly
opened up a different world for me and for that I
am truly thankful!
(Karen has not asked me to post this on my blog - I am just
so thrilled with this workshop and I wanted to share it will you all!)

Here are some pics that I have taken over the last few weeks
these photos are NOT perfect by any stretch of the imagination
or even close to it...But they are SO much better than what I
was taking. All of the photos are SOOC with no editing.
So I figure if I keep practicing everything that I am learning
in this workshop that one day I will be able to get the perfect shots!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful Weekend!

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