Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No Fancy Pants DT for me...... I actually took a HUGE step and submitted some stuff to the Fancy Pants Design Team call...needless to say I did not get it......But that's OK. In fact the scary thing is that I didn't even realize that they were making the announcement last night. I found out from my girl Laverne while I was stalking her blog. So I got a little excited yesterday and patiently waited for the announcement...only for them to finally half - announce by saying that they were sending emails to the new picks and waiting for them to accept.....not sure I really liked that concept...most people actually applied to be picked...LOL So if you are one of the few that got picked and chose NOT to accept....uhhmmmm HELLLLLOOOOO....LOL

So that's the scoop for today still me with no Fancy Pants DT label.....but again, that's OK....I am sure that LaVerne will force me to try again next year! Love ya LaVerne!

Now if i can finally get out of the fog of this past weekend and catch up I would be great! We worked so hard this weekend as SDV (Scrapper's Dream Vacation). It was ALOT of fun but ALOT of work. Sleep is VERY limited! Then coming home and rolling right back into work and the kiddo.....hectic I tell ya.

Hope everyone has a great day! I will be posting some things that I worked on this weekend at SDV...I just need to find my camera.

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