Monday, February 2, 2009

A few more pics from CHA!

This was the preview party for Creative Imaginations...What a great theme this year! Jake totally wigged out when I showed him the pics of his mama with Darth Vader....Yeah he thought I rocked! He went to school on Friday and told everyone in his class that I got to hang out with Darth Vader....Yep I made him proud!

These guys actually looked pretty scary....LOL

Getting cozy with Chewy!

And a little pic with Danelle Johnson....How stinkin' cute is she! She was a total sweetheart! Can't wait to play with her new stuff!

So this was one of the projects that was done at Basic Grey's Booth....How cute is this...I totally have to do one of these! You all know how much I love topiary trees.....I will definitly have to give this a whirl!

How cool is this little display of Dew Drops from Robin's Nest! I want this whole display...I love all the colors!

And you know how much I LOVE bling! I even tried to buy this bling sign off the Kaiser guys...they were not budging....My magic failed me that day.. :-(

And HELLLOOOOO!!!! Basic Grey has FABRIC! Yeah I was a little excited! I called my "other" mother Sharon from the show to see if she could get the fabric through her quilting connections and she's gonna make me one! YEAH!!!! that's it for tonight I think....These were just a few things that I liked that I wanted to share with everyone. Need to attempt to get some sleep....Have a great week!

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