Monday, February 23, 2009

South Beach Food & Wine Festival...And a birthday!

I'm just gonna warn ya now.....Lots and Lots of Pictures.... :)

Sunday was such an amazingly fun day.....First it was my hubby's bday (Happy Bday Ric) and he was so awesome for letting me spend the day at the Food and Wine Festival in South Beach with some of my girlfriends! My good friend Mimi had given me for XMAS a ticket to the Grand Tasting at the Food & Wine Festival...only to realize that it fell directly on Ric's BDAY! But he was a super good sport and told me to go ....which was great of him since he ABSOLUTELY loves the Food Network and all the chefs on it! So I brought him back 4 autographed cookbooks by his favorite chefs...He was beyond thrilled!
We truly had the best time. The food was fabulous the wine, tequila, rum and anything liquid was beyond fabulous and the real kicker...we got to meet...Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri (I {heart} Guy), Paula Dean, Sandra Lee, Tyler Florence and the Morimoto guy! They were a blast and a half! We literally ate all day...and let me tell you...the food was oh my gosh amazing...Lots and lots of fun! If you have never gone and you get the opportunity to go...definitly check it out! The weather was absolutely perfect 80 degrees and beautiful blue skies (I have a sunburn to prove it...LOL)
Here are a few pics from our day...unfortunately all the GOOD shots I thought to take were after I got home and sobered up ;)


Me just waiting to get in the Grand Tasting ;)
Mimi enjoying her first glass of wine....

This is Theresa..she is a trip and a half! She went to the Sandra Lee show and ended up bidding on an auction....She got her hubby on the phone (because he absolutely loves Sandra Lee) and Sandra Lee chatted him up...Theresa ended up getting a mack daddy signed Kitchenaid mixer and this cute as all heck apron - which she had everyone sign! Then she got interviewed my Food Network and will be on air sometime soon!!! She had us all rolling on the floor laughing our butts off when they interviewed her.....She was a riot!
Guy Fieri and Sandra Lee..TOO stinkin' cute!
I {heart} Guy!

OK....Grand tasting has begun and I am totally enjoying my Black Cherry Mojito...YUM!

Mimi, Janet, Julie and Patty enjoying all the good food....

And yes...The festival was ON the beach as in we had to walk in the sand so my brand spankin' new shoes that I just bought got totally trashed... :(
Me and Mimi after several tastings....Such fun! :)

Janet & MimiBobby Flay & Janet
Me, Bobby and Mimi....
Bobby Flay dancing on stage...Super fun guy!!!

Paula Dean & Bobby Flay

Paula Dean...who by the way is a flippin' comedian..she was HYSTERICAL!!!!

All the girls at the end of the day... Slightly intoxicated, stuffed from all the food, sunburned and tired...Ahhhh good times ;)

Theresa, Janet, Mimi, Me, Julie and Patty....

Hope you all have a wonderful week....

And check back soon I will be having a KILLER giveaway coming in the next week or keep your eyes open!! I'll give you a's one of my latest Obsessions ;)


Ashley M said...

wow! looks like you and all your girls had a ton of fun! how cool to meet all those awesome ppl! thanks for sharing hun!

Liz Caruso said...

Wow, so many awesome pictures! You girls had a blast, I'm sure.
Guy is one of my favorites too.

laverneboese said...

Man, you guys definitely had a blast...sorry about the sandals, heehee...but at least you had fun :)

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