Monday, September 1, 2008

My check went UP!!!!!!

Happy Labor Day! check went up....I am now at $4300.00 bucks in 4 short weeks! How sweet is that! If you wanna peek go right click on my account and then click on my check!

I am SOOOO excited about this...the extra money is amazing...who couldn't use extra cash right now???? And not to mention all the people that I have had the opportunity of meeting in the past month.....It's all good!

So this weekend has been pretty nice....Friday night I went to the Vine Bar with Mimi and Lori...Love it there...Such a nice little place to go and hang out...The have a really nice selection of wines and then they have the Vine Bar in the back of the store - nice place, good wine and great appetizers. Check it out - totally worth it.

Saturday we chilled out all day and then my mom took Jake for the night so Ric and I went to dinner at Blue Moon Fish and a stroll through Barnes and Nobles....Sunday I cleaned out closets and got rid of some stuff - now I can get into my closet without tripping over stuff - this is always a plus! All in all a pretty good weekend.

And last but not least I finished a layout that I started working on at SDV.....This was using new Basic Grey Eva...

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